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Earn in 3 steps.

Basics on how to get started with our "Share & Earn" feature.

by William Medina | July 22, 2022

With our "Share & Earn" feature, you can constantly share ready-to-use content with your friends and earn at the same time. You earn points for tasks your friends complete through your link.

In just 3 simple steps you can begin to earn your first money.

Step 1 – Place your link.

After copying your own link, you can now place it on your channel, like underneath your new and old YouTube videos, in your Instagram bio, or wherever you're posting your content.

We suggest you place your link so that it's clearly visible – not buried amongst hashtags or hidden behind the "more" button. Ideally, the link should be seen by anyone who engages with your content, since more link clicks will help you generate more money.

In case you can only place one link in your profile (like on Instagram) and you're already using up this space, you can utilize "link-in-bio" services such as Linktree or many others to work yourself around this issue by housing all links under one single bio link.

Step 2 – Write the link text (call to action).

To bring more attention to your link, you should add a short text next to it. Use simple and clear language, so people instantly understand your message.

Example 1:

Support me by purchasing something (ad): ► [Link]

Example 2:

Cool products to shop (sponsored): ► [Link]

Step 3 – Mark your link as ad.

Please make sure you adhere to your local advertisement guidelines and regulations, e.g., FTC, when writing the text. These regulations require you to mark your link with "sponsored" or "ad":


Support me by purchasing something (ad): ► [Link]

You might also need to add an "affiliate link disclosure" to your link text in your description box. For more information, check sites like FTC. Here are two examples:

Example 1:

I get commissions for purchases made through the link in this post.

Example 2:

This post contains an affiliate link. If you use this link to buy something, I may earn a commission.

That's all! You can now start making money.

Once you have placed your link and written the text (call to action), you're ready to make your first money! Whenever someone from your audience purchases a product through your link, you get a commission. It's as simple as that.

If you'd like to boost your sales, you can also be more proactive and promote your link.


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