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5 rules to remember when sharing sponsored content on social media or via email.

by William Medina | August 12, 2022

Best practices when sharing our content with friends and fans.

1. Prioritize quality over quantity

Tip: You don't need many subscribers. Better focus on building a base of "true fans."

We think that quality is of greater value than quantity. So tippp.io offers great commissions, where only a handful of sales per day are enough to earn you just as much money as someone, whose video has been watched hundreds of thousands of times.

By simply getting a few "real" fans and people to watch your videos or read your blog, and then reminding them to buy things they want on tippp.io, you could earn additional money so you can concentrate on your passion entirely.

2. Overcome your tunnel vision

Tip: Start thinking outside the box. Selling fan merch is not the only option out there.

tippp.io offers a broad and versatile range of positive products for just about anyone. So unlike typical fan merch that literally everyone seems to be selling these days, tippp.io products can help you reach a bigger audience, engage your followers, stand out and be original.

Here's a small example: Let's say you're uploading your music videos to YouTube to showcase your guitar talent. Now does that mean you should start advertising some guitar workshops to your audience? Well, obviously not.

Most of your fans aren't interested in playing the guitar. They just want to listen to the music you produce, and they have lives and interests outside your YouTube channel as well. tippp.io products speak to a much wider audience and thus help you make more money.

3. Be who you are

Tip: Always be authentic and stay true to yourself. With tippp.io, this will be super easy.

You don't have to sell yourself – because, after all, you should approach your audience as a content creator first, and not as a salesperson. For this it's necessary to always be gentle and kind towards your fanbase. This is where your charm comes in.

Also, don't forget to say thank you. Because it's polite. But also because it's an excuse to remind people how great and popular tippp.io is, one more time. However, don't be too pushy here. For example: you could thank them kindly for their support.

4. Keep pushing the snowball

Tip: Use existing content and try to post your tippp.io link as much as possible.

Since the products on tippp.io are not content-related, you can always reuse your old videos or posts where you can simply place your link in a well-visible position. With this you can sell more and therefore generate more money.

Monetizing your channel or content is like pushing a snowball down a mountain: The more you roll it, the more it catches other pieces of snow and grows. If you stop rolling it for a while, it will begin to melt in the sun. So, the key is to not rest and always keep pushing.

5. Keep reminding them about it

Tip: Keep reminding your fans about tippp.io and always stay flexible when doing so.

Regularly promoting your tippp.io link can be a great opportunity to earn money. If you recommend tippp.io and a user visits your link to buy, you'll start earning commissions. For this you have to be more strategic in your approach and tippp.io will help you with that.

There are plenty of ways of how you can additionally promote your tippp.io link, for example, telling your fans that they can find some awesome gifts there during the holiday time, or specifically targeting a certain group, like younger/older people, if it suits your content.


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