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Games that collectively earn you $1K.

How to get a $1000 Amazon gift card in just 30 days.

by William Medina | May 4, 2022

With just a little effort you can earn a gift card of your choice (e.g. from Amazon) worth $1000 within a month.

Simply by completing tasks in games.

Earn 1K from the comfort of your couch, without physical exertion, anywhere, anytime.

Tippp in a nutshell

Each game gives you points for completing a task in the game. You can collect these points on Tippp and redeem them later for gift cards from well-known brands like Amazon.

Earned points are automatically sent to Tippp – you don't need to submit anything manually. You can see your earned points at any time (in the menu bar at the top of the page).

Each in-game task is individually rewarded with points, meaning you don't have to complete all the required tasks to earn points. You can stop the game whenever you want.

Here's how it works

With Tippp, making money is as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Register with Tippp for free.

2. Select an offer wall of your choice (see lists).

3. Choose a game and follow the instructions.

What you must meet

Here is a comprehensive list of the requirements you need to meet if you want to make money with Tippp:

1. You need a mobile phone (iOS or Android).

2. You must select "Allow Tracking" when starting the app (especially iOS).

3. You have to register with Tippp and start the game via one of the offer walls.

4. You must not have downloaded the game or have an existing account in it.

5. You must finish the game on the same phone or tablet you started it on.

Why you get money for playing games

Game providers spend many millions every year on advertising to make their games better known, e.g. at the Superbowl or on platforms like Facebook.

At Tippp, instead of paying the big companies, they pay the user directly – meaning you!

So get paid to test and explore the games!

Tips to complete tasks faster

1. Many games return 1:1 points for in-app purchases. Since you won't lose any money on these purchases, it's worth taking advantage of them to get through the required tasks faster.

2. Of course you don't have to play all games simultaneously. You can complete one at a time.

​​3. Use the leaderboard to collect huge bonus rewards in the form of EXTRA POINTS every day. If you play diligently, you can get up to 30K points as a bonus every day.

Lists of games that combined can earn you 1K in just 30 days (iOS or Android)


(This is just a sample list of iOS games. There are, of course, plenty of other iOS games available to you on Tippp.)

Call of Antia — Reward: $259.56

The Grand Mafia — Reward: $163.45

Mafia City: War of Underworld — Reward: $126.00

Puzzles & Conquest — Reward: $117.95

Vegas Casino & Slots — Reward: $86.03

Puzzles & Survival — Reward: $84.70

State of Survival x The Walking Dead — Reward: $64.75

Trading Legend — Reward: $62.30

Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade — Reward: $56.00


(This is just a sample list of Android games. There are, of course, plenty of other Android games available to you on Tippp.)

Call of Antia — Reward: $282.31

The Grand Mafia — Reward: $219.24

King of Avalon — Reward: $162.05

Mafia City: War of Underworld — Reward: $126.00

Game of Sultans — Reward: $119.21

Puzzles & Conquest — Reward: $117.95

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