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Stay-at-home mom? Save money with gift cards.

A quick and convenient way to save money and collect gift cards from Amazon and Co. for stay-at-home mothers.

by William Medina | October 12, 2021

What could be more work-intensive than caring for a brand new life? Making money while looking after a child can seems like an impossible task, especially if you are uncomfortable leaving the house.‍

Even so, there are some moms out there looking for ways to save money by doing simple tasks online. If you are staying at home and looking for an online way to save money, there are many options for you.‍

But here is the easiest and most convenient one: Tippp.

Tippp has some amazing ways to help you save money by offering you a variety of gift cards online.

The benefits of earning points and getting gift cards for stay-at-home moms include:

• Get gift cards for Amazon and Co. regularly
‍• Save money for your child's future
‍• Set your own hours and choose which tasks to work on
‍• Take time to play with your children, do household chores, and relax‍

Tippp's platform lets you collect points – and subsequently, gift cards – by taking entertaining quizzes and surveys, playing games or signing up for interesting newsletters.

Once you have your account in order, you can redeem your Tippp points for gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Google Play, Sephora, and more.


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