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Must-play games this holiday season.

Top games that you should definitely play during the holiday season – for free.

by William Medina | November 25, 2021

With the holiday season soon upon us, there's no shortage of great games you can enjoy during the merry days.

As such, we've created a list of our 4 most favorite games that you should definitely play during the holiday season.

Promised – with these 4 games, your next few weeks will definitely be jam-packed with gameplay excitement to look forward to.

So without further ado, here are our top 4 games for this holiday season!

1. "Magic: The Gathering Arena" – If you like your card games extra sophisticated and challenging, Arena is the best choice for this holiday season!

The forefather of trading cards "Magic: The Gathering Arena" has always had what it takes to stand up to other card games with its sophisticated rules and card designs. But it not only invented the whole trading card principle, it has since developed it further into an art form. Basically, two players compete against each other, putting creatures and spells on the table to bring the other's life points down to zero.

Arena uses much more complex cards and card types than in most other card games – for example, the "Planeswalker". You always have to weigh up how your enemy could still drive you into a dead end, predict his next moves and have the right answers ready. Let your deck tell its own story with the fascinating world of Arena and vivid illustrations.

"Magic: The Gathering Arena" is as entertaining as it is challenging – an impressive achievement!

2. "Forge of Empires" – The perfect strategy game for this holiday season where you can lead your empire to eternal glory!

In the free strategy browser game "Forge of Empires" you can create your own empire and experience history from the Stone Age through the different ages. Due to its diverse possibilities, good graphic implementation and historical accuracy, it has become one of the classics of the browser game world. You start in the Stone Age and have only a few buildings to choose from. Accordingly, your subjects initially live in wooden huts and wear the most primitive garments.

To leave the primitive Stone Age behind, you'll have to complete various missions and research different technologies. Naturally, with each new era the appearance of the empire changes: buildings become more modern and advanced, and the citizens also become more civilized. Therefore, the change of historical eras with completely different missions is especially exciting and provides a lot of variety in the gameplay.

So play "Forge of Empires" – the MMO game of the year 2013 – now and become the ruler of the most powerful empire ever!

3. "Klondike: The Lost Expedition" – Farm and explore the wilderness of Alaska during the 2021 holiday season!

"Klondike: The Lost Expedition" takes you to Alaska during the gold rush era, in search of your father's lost expedition. In this game you can set up a flourishing farm, build prosperous factories, and organize a roaring food trade. But before you start your adventure, you'll need to prepare for the harsh winter and equip yourself for distant travels. Build a farm to produce what you need, and complete quests along the way to increase your productivity.

Once you're ready, you can embark on a long and exciting journey to find what everyone else believes to be gone forever. Set off to gather precious resources or continue your hunt for your father. Be careful though – there's no telling what twists and trials await you out in the wilderness. With the map in your hands, you can explore amazing locations full of mysteries, hidden treasures, useful materials, ample opportunities, and challenging tasks.

Take your adventures on the road and travel to picturesque locations that you can explore and where you can make new friends!

4. "Enlisted" – The free multiplayer shooter that lets you experience World War II from a completely different perspective!

"Enlisted" is an exciting squad-based multiplayer shooter that will let you recreate the greatest battles of World War II. It's all about surviving in the chaos. Cannon fire, explosions and bullets hit you. During the attacks, the players around you will be shot down. Every bullet can be deadly. "Enlisted" differs from other online shooters in that in some game modes you also have command over a unit of AI soldiers. That's where you have to be tactical.

The troops are supposed to make battles feel "full" and have more going on. Also, when you die, you jump into one of your AI soldiers and continue playing that way until your squad is decimated. In addition to the two campaigns around Moscow and the Normandy landings, which include multiple phases, characters and historical events, there are also massive multiplayer battles with up to 100 players and destructible landscapes.

So head to the front and lead your squad of soldiers into epic battles as infantry, armored vehicles and aircraft clash on the most iconic battlefields of World War II!



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